Vivo Y52s Smartphone

Vivo Y52s – A Compact Smartphone With Amazing Features

Vivo Y52s boast plenty of features that make them stand out from the crowd. These handsets have an all round camera with optical zoom, image stabilization, and panning. Users also have the option of connecting their phones to a computer to upload photos. The device is also coming with a handwriting recognition facility. The Vivo Y52s review will provide the more information on these and other benefits of the latest handset from Vivo.


Battery Life & Capability The battery life of this handset are good for an average user. It can last up to 10 hours. The impressive thing about this phone is that it can charge up to two times faster than the normal rate. Moreover, the handset has a fast charging capacity of 1800 mah and hence you can easily use it twice in a day. Vivo claims that the new device helps users enjoy a lifetime of communication, entertainment, and mobility.


Display Screen The phone has an eye catching display screen. The aspect ratio is 4:3 and the result is that it looks sharp and crisp. The resolution of the screen is 4015 pixels per inch. The vivid display and bright icons are the result of the Ipad architecture from HTC.


Fast Charging This handset comes with a fast charging easy tool called funtouch 10.5. This charger provides fast charging of the battery. The phone gets charged up to the necessary level in just over 15 minutes. This feature is supported by android devices only. If you want to experience fast charging then the Li-po 5000 mah battery from Funtouch is the perfect choice.


Storage The phone comes with a free memory card, which is approximately S50 bigger than the existing S4 memory card. It can be accessed through the micro-SD card which is slot supported by the android device. The expandable memory enables the user to store more pictures and videos. The multimedia elements of the HTC Vivo Y52s such as video play, music play, camera, and picture slide show can be played using the built in media player which is present in the HTC Vivo Y52s.


WiFi Connectivity and Wi-Fi Call With the availability of the USB modem, the Vivo Y52s allows users to access the internet using their smartphones. The Wi-Fi calling facility of this handset is based on the EDGE network. This facility is supported by roughly tri-band Wi-Fi signals such as tri-Band GSM, CFG Mobile and CDMA/GPRS. Other services such as message, email and Wi-Fi hotspot access are supported by the tri-band signal.


Operating System Users can enjoy hassle-free operation of this smartphone thanks to its touch-screen features. The operating system of this handset is android OS. It supports the intuitive user interface, multi-window mode, floating wallpaper, quick launch bar, multi-orientation gestures and many other features that are present in the latest smartphones available in the market. The Vivo Y52s comes pre-loaded with HTC Sense, which further enhances its user experience.

Vivo Y52s Smartphone
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Camera Setup HTC has once again teamed up with camera brand Panasonic to provide the consumers with another excellent smartphone, the Vivo Y52s. The company has once again made it big with the launch of this device. This smartphone is equipped with a 16 mega-pixel camera setup, allowing it to capture photos in an excellent way. The auto-focus feature helps you get accurate pictures. The backside optical zoom helps you get clear images in all the parts of the image. HTC Y52s is equipped with a 5000mah battery that can keep you connected to the web for long hours.


Facial Recognition The facial recognition feature of this smartphone enables you to quickly identify the person beside you when in the process of taking a picture. It recognises your entire face including your eyes, nose, mouth, and your chin. This makes it possible for you to take several selfies without having to re-open your camera. The Omegle interface also helps you to input your name, contact number, email and any other relevant information you may want to include. The LED flash helps to reduce the battery consumption of this product.


Dual Rear Cameras The compact design of the HTC Y52s allows it to accommodate dual rear cameras. This helps it to take several selfies with ease. It has approximately a 25-megapixel resolution camera on the rear and a four megapixel one on the front. The large size of the lenses also help in enabling you to take good quality pictures. The battery life of this product ensures that you have enough time to enjoy your selfies.


The HTC Y52s comes with a bundled software bundle which includes the VaoPacho instant messenger and Mali-G57 MC3 gpu. These softwares help you to chat easily with friends while travelling.

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