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Vivo X60s Review – Best Mobile Phone of 2021

Vivo X60s review: The smallest, most powerful Smartphone in the planet. Vivo is a South Korean manufacturing company that provides phones and mobile accessories to most parts of the world. Their first attempt at a smartphone was the successful Vivo Cero.


Now the company has launched the stylish and high-tech vivo x60s 5g. This phone has been upgraded from its original version to boost its performance even further. There is excellent navigation button present on the front of this handset along with a large keyboard for easy typing and text messaging. Apart from these two facilities, this handset also features the amazing fast-charging facility from the Adreno supplier. With these two facilities, the Vivo X60s can be propped up to perform all round tasks with ease.


When it comes to the camera department, the vivo x60s 5g has once again impressed people with its excellent imaging quality. It has a single lens model, which enables users to take quality images even in low light situations. You can also upload the pictures directly from the phone using its internal memory, which further adds to the enhanced functionality. In fact, this handset has been rated best in its class when it comes to photo quality.


The camera of this handset is made up of a single lens that helps it to capture clear pictures in all lighting situations. Apart from the single lens camera, the vivo x60s 5g also features a front-mounted image stabilizer that ensures that you get clear images even in all types of lighting conditions. The model number used for this handset is the MSM Parser 765G which further indicates its superior picture quality. Other notable features of this handset include the voice-recognition technology, which makes it ideal for all those who need assistance with their calls. Apart from that, the handset also supports Wifi for downloading the various applications available on the internet.


Apart from the above mentioned features, the handset also boasts of a stunningly beautiful design along with advanced connectivity features. All these features make it the perfect choice for those who would like to carry out their tasks easily using their smartphone. To top it all, the handset comes with Bluetooth certification, which further increases its functionality. All the major wireless service providers, including the likes of Verizon, are already including the Vivo X60s in their list of smartphone devices that come with Bluetooth certification.


When it comes to the camera, the phone also offers a front and rear facing camera, which have built in image stabilization. As far as the performance of the camera is concerned, the device offers good image quality. The battery life of this handset is quite long, which allows you to make unlimited calls during your working hours. The Vivo X60s also features a high performance Quick Charge system, which enables it to charge up to 25 percent faster than any other smartphone.


In terms of the camera and music playback, the vivo smartphone offers good image quality but let it be known that it lacks the capacity to play high resolution videos and songs. But its clarity on the other hand is better when compared to the counterparts of the handset. The battery of this handset runs for several hours without getting recharged. It is powered with a quad-core processor, which allows it to run efficiently and speedily. Other notable features of this handset include the media-friendly interface, the large tapatable memory, the powerful speaker phone, the dual cameras and the connectivity options, which include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, EDGE and USB.

Vivo X60s
Vivo X60s smartphone

If you want to buy the handset, you can buy it from a retail store or through online shopping portals. Apart from the retail stores, online portals offer better deals on this amazing phone. It is suggested that you go through the product review of any mobile store before purchasing the handset. This will help you in getting a clear idea about the features and the price of the handset.

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