Vivo X50 Pro Plus

Vivo X50 Pro Plus Review

The Vivo X50 Pro Plus camera is all set to be one of the most popular models this year when it launches. The device has been a high selling model for the Vivo brand and will most likely continue as a top selling option. In this review we take a look at the camera’s main advantages and disadvantages to help you decide if it is worth the investment. So read on to find out more.


On the face, the Vivo X50 pro plus offers high image quality with good picture clarity at its best. On camera, it has 50 MP resolution, f / 2.8 ASPH, optical zoom, dual tone metering, and pan / tilt / zoom. For taking great photos, the company has also provided dual LED touch screen, optical zoom, and f / 2.4 ASPH flashes. For outdoor use, the amoled front is scratch resistant and the internal storage is expandable too.


One of the main features of the digital camera setup of the Vivo X50 pro plus is the ability to use an off-the-shelf snapdragon 865 processor. It offers the same processor power as the brand new Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro but is priced lower. The reason for the lower pricing is that the chipset in the camera setup of the Vivo X50 Pro Plus is designed to work more efficiently compared to the one found in the standard Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro. The additional processor power doubles the speed of the shutter speed and reduces noise.


Another part of the camera setup of the Vivo X50 Pro Plus is the ISOcell gn1 sensor. The ISOcell gn1 sensor is a new feature in the camera setup of the digital zoom mobile phones of the brand. It incorporates a four-color sensor with laser autofocus that allows the user to take crisp images even in dimly lit conditions. The color filter also help in the detection of red light.


The Vivo X50 Pro Plus comes with two sims and a microSD card. The two sims include global GSM bands that support Avanti, OBB, and Tigo. On the other hand, the microSD card can support UMDI, PDC, and international formats. This gadget also supports UHD and High Definition resolutions. This is the first handset of the brand, which supports the high resolution standard of HD.

Vivo X50 Pro Plus
Vivo X50 Pro Plus Smartphone

On the other hand, another impressive feature of the Vivo x50 pro plus 5g smartphone is its camera control. It has a complete set of camera controls including manual focus, image stabilization, panoramic images, and video recording. The camera control enables the users to control all their camera functions such as image stabilization, zooming, and panoramic imaging with just a single touch. This is the first smartphone to have this type of control.


At present, there are two variants of the handset – namely, the Indian version and the global variant. Although, there is no clear difference between the two, the Indian phone comes with a single SIM card slot compared to the global model which has two. The Indian phone also comes with a larger battery, which helps it last long hours. The India variant comes with 16GB memory, which is comparatively larger than the 16GB of the flagship smartphone.


However, the biggest hardware difference between these two handsets is their screen size and the memory. On the other hand, the only noticeable difference between the two smartphones is in the memory capacity. As mentioned earlier, the Indian version comes with a single SIM card slot whereas, the global variant has two. If you are planning to buy one, then it is advisable to go for the Indian version as the price of this device is much lower than the global variant.

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