Samsung Galaxy M10 Smartphone

Unique Features Of Samsung Galaxy M10 Mobile Phone

The Samsung Galaxy M10 is a mid-sized Android smartphone made by Samsung Electronics. It was launched on 28 January 2021 and was launched on 5 February of the same year. It is one of the most striking phones to be launched this year along with the LG G6 and iPhone X. It offers a unique combination of features and looks that make it stand out from the crowd. The device has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the youth who are looking for something different from what the other popular brands offer. Here are some features of the Samsung Galaxy M10 that one must see.


It comes with a sleek metal body and an all-black color that blend perfectly with the surroundings. To add to its neat and sleek look, the sides have been crafted from a smooth material that gives it a futuristic look. Apart, from its futuristic look, the phone comes with a number of unique features that one would find on a high-end smartphone like the iPhone or the Android handsets. It has no fingerprint scanner, which makes it more user-friendly especially for those who do not go through the trouble of unlocking their phone’s operating system. This is perhaps the first phone in India that comes with a touch-screen display, something that most users are not familiar with.


Another notable feature of the Samsung Galaxy M10 is that it comes preinstalled with two apps, namely android Oreo and bloat. Android Oreo is primarily aimed at improving the user experience of the Samsung Galaxy S10 as it features a new interface and a number of new features that are sure to delight the user. This comes as the second app after the Google Play app that comes preinstalled on most android smartphones. Samsung has also included a feature-packed camera in the package, which can be used for basic image and video recording purposes.


Apart from these two apps, the Samsung Galaxy M10 also comes with an assortment of features including the innovative mobile service Samsung Telekinesis that helps in managing different tasks such as browsing, receiving and sending messages, editing images and videos and a lot more. The Samsung Galaxy S10 also comes with a feature-packed secondary display, which acts as the personal navigation device and the phone’s instant messenger. While the feature-packed secondary display does help in making things easier for the user, it is something that most users would not use on a regular basis. A major absence in the Samsung Galaxy M10 comes in the form of a standard headphone jack, which means that users will have to use the Bluetooth or MMS for video and audio playback purposes.

Samsung Galaxy M10 Smartphone
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Samsung has however, included support for the Linux OS in the Samsung Galaxy M10 which gives it a fair fighting chance against the other competing devices in the same price range. The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with a single gigabyte of RAM, which is quite low compared to the other models in the same range. The Samsung Galaxy M10 however comes with a nice selling price tag of $400, which is good value for money. It also comes with a nice selection of software pre installed including Google Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and Nokia E71 EMobile Edition.


Samsung Galaxy M10 also comes with a unique Dual Shot camera functionality in the form of Dual Shot Photos. This functionality allows the user to take both still shots and video clips with the help of a single click. You can also double click the camera buttons to take both the video and still shots of the same scene. There are no other competing smartphones that offer this functionality in the form of a single button.


Another unique feature of the Samsung Galaxy M10 comes in the form of the high capacity Samsung Wave Mobile Connects. The phone facilitates quick connectivity between the Samsung Galaxy S10 as well as other electronic devices using Bluetooth technology. This is possible due to the Qi wireless power technology incorporated into the handset. One of the best technologies that have been incorporated into the Samsung Galaxy M10 smartphone is the fast charging feature. With this feature, the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy M10 can be extended to around 3 hours and this is possible even when the handset is in sleep modes.


Other than these unique features, the Samsung Galaxy M10 also offers an efficient media player which supports most of the audio and video files available on the internet. It comes complete with the latest version of android operating system that enables quick applications launching. With all its unique features, it is easy to say that the Samsung Galaxy M10 mobile phone has come up with solutions to all your technological problems.

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