Techno Camon 16 s

Techno Camon 16 s Specifications, Features And Functions

The new phone from Vodafone is the Tecno Camon 16 S. It is an affordable budget phone that offers lots of power in a compact package. It has the design of a phone that would fit in your pocket. The power and performance of this phone are second to none for the price. The screen is very bright and vivid. The sound quality of this phone is top notch.


With the ability to take videos, photos and songs with the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro, the phone also comes with a high definition camera that is capable of capturing high-definition video. The phone also has the technology to stream live video to YouTube. The battery life on this phone is pretty good for an android smartphone. With over 16 million pre-installed apps, this handset is sure to please the entertainment addict. The battery in the Tecno Camon 16 S lasts for over seven and a half hours.


When it comes to the video features, the phone has four cameras, namely, a front facing camera, a rear-facing camera, and a front plus rear camera. The front camera has a self-timer which allows you to take a picture for a few seconds at a time. It has an automatic focus and image stabilization. The rear camera does not have a self-timer. It has a flash and does not record video. The Tecno Camon 16 S also comes equipped with a fingerprint scanner, which protects your security when making payments or entering your credit card information at the register.


The phone comes standard with a touch-sensitive screen, which is easy to use. You can navigate between menus, look up words, and make text input easier with the tap of your finger. The fingerprint sensor allows you to enter your PIN by simply fingerprinting your finger. The two-megapixel front camera has a clear view and comes with the standard two-mp resolution.


For the music lover, there is also a music player with a sound blaster. This device enables you to enjoy the high quality sounds of music. The Hios 6.2 128GB of storage in your smartphone makes it suitable for all your video’s and pictures. There is also a built in language translator so that you can communicate with people who are from different parts of the world.


The rear part of the phone is sleek and stylish, featuring a metallic frame in glossy black. The phone measures approximately 150 grams and has a one inch display. The text and graphics on the screen are smooth and clear. The Tecno Camon 16 S is also compatible with all the major networks in the UK including Vodafone, three and Virgin. It comes with Google Android10 and HifiOS 3.1. The handset runs on the Windows operating system out of Microsoft, which provides a user friendly interface for its operating system operations.

Techno Camon 16 s
Techno Camon 16 s 2021

For more fun and excitement, the Tecno Camon 16 Premier also features a six megapixel Ultra Sharp Dual pixel camera. With the help of this six-megapixel camera, you can take great photographs. The rear camera can be used for video recording and you can easily change the facial expression, enhance colour and tone, or reduce redness. There is also an eye-tracking technology that helps you take better photos. This is a revolutionary feature that helps you track eye movement and eliminates the need to crane your neck in awkward positions.


On the whole, the camera of the Tecno Camon 16 S is affordable. It costs about two hundred and fifty pounds. It is manufactured by Sony and is suitable for those who want to have a high quality digital camera at an affordable price. In case you are thinking about buying it, you can go online to its official website to compare prices. There are many sites that allow you to buy the handset of your choice online at discount prices.

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