Oppo F15s Smartphone

Oppo F15s Price, Basic Details 2021

Oppo F15s is powerful smartphone offering excellent mobile internet capabilities with a variety of built-in applications and features. It comes with built-in SIRIUS application which helps in managing your calendar and contacts. It offers a user-friendly interface with smooth navigation and features such as: music player, contacts manager, alarm clock, weather, calculator, and much more. It also offers an integrated file manager, browser, and quick launch manager which help you to find and launch apps quickly. It has a high resolution Super AMOLED touch display and is loaded with high-end camera and video camera.


The Oppo F15s features an advanced dual-camera, called as the OPE jazz, which makes it perfect for capturing professional looking photos and videos. One of its great selling features is the high definition camera that it has. The Oppo F15s allows you to take photos and videos of anything you want including scenic shots of nature, or any other angle you want to take. This smartphone offers fast charging along with micro SD card for memory expansion, which further extends its durability and life. It is also compatible with almost all major cell phone networks in Europe.

With the Oppo F15s, you can easily launch different applications without the hassle of using a single application. For instance, you can use Google Maps to launch Google Earth on the smartphone with the help of the accelerometer. It has a secondary camera, which makes it a great camera phone. The device runs on Windows Mobile OS 3.5 and has been equipped withbuilt-in FM radio that comes with the handset. For those who need high definition recording facilities, the Oppo F15s allows you to download files directly to the device.

Apart from the primary camera, the Oppo F15s sports an eight-megapixel primary camera that is expected to come up with excellent shots. The secondary camera has been enhanced by the chipset of the Oppo F15s which also helps in enhancing the quality of images shot. The secondary camera has a resolution of 13 megapixels and is capable of detecting a lower minimum focus point. For those interested in taking photos and videos with friends and family, the chipset has built in connectivity options including USB port and micro SD card.

Oppo F15s Smartphone
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The Oppo F15s has a powerful Adreno processor that has the potential to boost the speed of the device. The Adreno processor is based on the MSM family and supports the Windows operating system, which makes it a perfect choice for the new generation of smartphone users. This powerful chipset ensures that your device charges fast and performs flawlessly even in all types of intensive usage. The Adreno 610 gpu has been developed with the sole intention of making it more compatible with the Windows environment. This makes it a perfect choice for individuals who want a smartphone that is capable of performing well in different situations.

Another interesting feature that is present in the Oppo F15s price is the launch of two additional storage slots – the SIM card and the memory card. The SIM card slot is present which supports the international standard of cell phones. The microSD slot supports the SD card size, which is expected to increase with the popularity of this device. All the major mobile network operators like Vodafone, Idea, Virgin, etc are planning to support this mobile phone in their retail outlets across the country.

The main reason for the success of the Oppo F15s lies in its advanced technology called the qualcomm snapdragon 665 chipset. This is an advanced mobile platform that has the ability to perform well even under heavy workloads. Moreover, the ram provided along with the handset is quite high, which further boosts up the performance of the processor. In the coming years, the chipset for these handsets is expected to be more powerful and advanced as many more features are expected to be integrated into the same.

The Oppo F15s features a high definition camera with the support of Sony IMX image sensor. It is also endowed with various sound enhancements and features that allow it to easily fit into any occasion. This is the first smartphone of this brand that has adopted the dual screen technology. The android engine that has been used for its development also offers plenty of power for this device. Overall, this is an impressive smartphone that can cater to all the common uses of a smartphone in a single go.

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