Nokia 2.1 Plus Smartphone

Nokia 2.1 Plus Complete Review 2021

Nokia 2.1 Plus is here from scratch to change the mobile phone scenario in Pakistan altogether. The market price of Plus models in Pakistan is going to be quite high since it’s an ideal one in all aspects. Display: The 2.1 model of Plus gives you a larger and clearer viewing experience while providing better sound quality and picture viewing. Now you can even watch your favourite shows on the big 5.5-inch screen, which is big enough for you to share or indulge in a private moment, which is all yours.


Hardware: If we take a look at the hardware of Nokia 2.1 plus, we would find out that it has been crafted in metal. This gives the handset a classy feel which complements the looks of well built handsets. It is thicker than its predecessors, which makes it heavier too. At the same time, it provides a stylish look. The antenna band which protrudes out from the back of the device supports a larger display compared to Plus models. It is quite possible to fit four large screens in one hand of the user which is quite impressive.


RAM: You would notice the presence of six megabytes inside the device, which is just fine by all standards. However, there are other variants in this series like the Nokia 2.1 plus screen size and the memory. The latter can support memory more than double what the former can, so this could be one of the reasons behind the increase in prices. Other than this, the increase in memory size comes with the inclusion of another modem which is helpful to expand the network capacity. So, there is nothing new about the memory capacity as this has been there with the Plus models already.


Camera: A high definition camera is present in the smartphone which is quite useful for the user. It has a lens which is charged by the OTG which basically means that it has a read only mode instead of the regular digital mode. One thing to note is that there is no optical zoom in the camera hence the pictures tend to come out blurry in comparison to the normal lensed cameras. There is also no flash, which further increases the clarity. The Nokia 2.1 plus has an auto focus which works perfectly when you take a photo in the normal mode.


Storage: As per the specification of the smartphone, the storage is satisfactory but not as extensive as that of some high-end smartphones. The storage of the images is better than that of the Plus models but the device is limited in terms of apps that can be installed from the HTC Wildfire app store. On the other hand, the device has adequate memory which makes it perfect for those who want to store a lot of photographs and videos.


Connectivity: Again, then Nokia 2.1 Plus comes with standard Bluetooth connectivity and this is the same as that of the regular handset. The connectivity includes Wi-Fi support, which is present on the regular handset. In addition to this, it also supports data via Wifi. The only problem with the Wi-Fi is that there is no Wifi hot spot, which means that if you are stuck somewhere with poor Wi-Fi connectivity, such as inside a crowded coffee shop, the Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough to make a connection. Hence, this Wi-Fi connectivity feature of the device is not ideal for a modern lifestyle.

Nokia 2.1 Plus Smartphone
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Software: There is no doubt that the regular Nokia smartphones are fantastic devices in terms of features but they lack something that the smartphones from the other manufacturers have. This is the inbuilt software capacity of the smartphones which is not available with any other device. The inbuilt applications of the regular handset do not offer any of the software options that are present on other handsets and hence users are left behind while using the software on their smartphones. However, the touch screen of the handset allows these users to enjoy a number of interesting applications that can be customized according to their needs. Hence, the inbuilt software of the Nokia 2.1 Plus helps in giving an easy time to the users and they get unveiled to all the latest applications that are widely available on the smartphones.


Cameras: One of the most unique features of the handset is the camera which is introduced in the form of the Nokona. The image quality of the captured images is excellent and users can easily adjust them according to their preferences. The pictures can be displayed on the LCD screen which is really bright and can be seen even during low light conditions. The other features of the handset are excellent and include the infrared remote, MMS, WAP, FM radio and the MTP interface support. The price of the handset is quite high when compared with the other leading phones of the Indian markets and the best part about this handset is that it has been given away for free by Nokia in the form of the network providers like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Tata Indicom in the beginning of 2021.

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