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LG K41S Review – Large Display Smartphone 2021

The LG K 41S is one of the more popular Android mobile phones. If you are looking for an excellent phone with a nice large display or you just want something that is extremely functional, then this is a phone that you should definitely check out. The LG K 41S is an excellent phone if you want to get the most from your Android experience. Here is a quick look at what you can expect with this phone and some basic information about it.


The LG K 41S is a great phone if you want to have a big screen with plenty of power. It has a very sharp, clear, and high-resolution screen. This phone runs on Android OS 2.2 out of the box, which is currently the latest version. The LG K 41S has the same technology inside that is found in the other models of LG phones like the LG Optimus and the LG Defy.


One of the best features about the LG K 41S is the level of connectivity it offers. You get USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a micro USB port, an infrared port, a SIM card slot, and a gigabit Ethernet port. On the inside you will find an Adreno processor, four mega-pixels camera, Adrenouid processor power, and a generous dose of battery power. This is good for someone who plans on using their smartphone heavily or someone who likes to travel a lot. The battery is also removable and so easy to replace.


On the outside you will find a very nice and thin physical design on the LG K 41S. It looks like it has been molded after a phone made by Google but instead of having an almost clunky design it has a sleek metal body. You can also see a fingerprint scanner in the center, which makes it easy to operate. On the top you will see a nice large 3 gb memory card, microSD, and an Adreno 3300 mapixel camera.


If we were going to compare this model to others, you would probably think that the only way to go is with a device with a huge battery. This is a pretty accurate prediction as you will get more than eight hours of talk time out of a single charge for the LG K 41S. That is more than any of the other smartphones we have reviewed that have run on the Adreno line. If you are going to be downloading a lot of high quality videos and photos from your Android device you should consider this as one of your options. You should also consider getting a microSD card just for this reason alone.


The LG K 41S comes with a nice little software package that works great for most people. If you are not into managing many applications at once you should not buy this device because of all of its quirks. One notable quirk is that it will not read anything on the internal memory other than the text files that are present. The software package does include a web browser but unfortunately it does not work very well. You may be able to browse a few pages on some websites but for the most part everything will come up as gibberish.

LG K41S Smartphone
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The battery life on the LG K41s is not bad at all. It lasts about five and a half hours on a full charge. The battery does not seem to drain as quickly as some of the other tablets we have reviewed. It seems to average about two hours of battery life on the average. For those that are worried about lasting applications, this is definitely a positive point. The screen size of this tablet is just a little too small for those that are planning on writing a lot on it though.


If you are looking for a touch screen tablet that has a decent price then the LG K41s should be in your list. It has all of the features you would expect from a mid range tablet including a decent screen, fast processor, nice design, nice keyboard, great camera and headphone jack all included in one package for a slightly higher price. If you are willing to spend a bit more on a tablet PC, you should definitely check out what the mediator helio P22 can do for you. It runs very nice and gets the job done.

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