Infinix Note 8 Smartphone

Introduction to the Infinix Note 8 Price in Pakistan

The global demand for the popular infrawave technology has increased tremendously during the past few years. Due to this demand, the market for the manufacturing of this type of cell phone accessory has also seen a significant rise. As a result, the competition among the manufacturers of these types of cell phones and accessories is very high. This competition has made it possible for them to increase their price to keep up with the competition.


One such company is Samsung Pakistan who has recently introduced a new smartphone which is known as the Infinix Note 8 Price in Pakistan. The phone is manufactured by Samsung themselves and is compatible with all of their existing smartphones. At present, the most popular models of the smartphone include the AT&T Infinitower S and the Samsung UNI page. Apart from these two models, the manufacturer also manufactures phones like the Blackberry Passport, the HTC Touch to, the Vodafone Reactor, the Philips Kindle Fire, and many more. The prices of the models mentioned above are in the common mid-range and hence are not very expensive.


If we look at the Infinix Note 8 Price in Pakistan, then it can be said that it is a mid-budget smartphone which comes with an Android operating system. It has been introduced in the market by Samsung Pakistan, which is one of the best mobile phone makers in the world today. Although the device comes with a low price, it does not sacrifice in terms of the quality and performance of the application installed on it. If we compare it with other mid-budget smartphones in the market, then the Infinix Note 8 comes out as a far better product in almost every single point.


The name of the smartphone has been derived from its dual imaging hardware along with its resolution power, which is similar to that of iPhone and iPad. Hence, the images and graphics on the phone came out very clear and sharp. Apart from this, it offers you a very easy and simple to use interface and navigation. It has got applications like dialer, calendar, contacts, weather and many more. However, it lacks applications like Google Maps because it is not available on the Android platform.

Infinix Note 8 Smartphone
Infinix Note 8 2021

The second major difference between the new note 8 and the older models is its resolution. It comes with a pixel perfect display, which means that it does not have the problem of screen distortion. Apart from this, it also comes with a very large PoE enabling you to enjoy an extended outdoor experience while travelling. This can be done with the help of a USB OTG connector which is present on the motherboard.


This device has got a very large memory support as well as a large storage space. There is an enhanced user interface and you can access the phone’s features by simply using a tap on the home key. Moreover, it comes with a very large QWERTY keyboard which further increases the ease and comfort that you can feel while using it. The fingerprint sensor is present on the front side of the smartphone, which enables you to enter text quickly and easily. Apart from this, the Infinix Note 8 screen sizes also proves to be very useful in allowing you to view various things quickly like the phone book, internet usage and the calculator.


As far as the camera is concerned, the iPhone has got the upper hand here. This device has got a decent 16 MP wide camera along with a bright auto focus screen. It can take up to eight pictures in a single click and the pictures can be stored in your preferred photo album for a very long time. Apart from this, the phone also has got a fairly large storage space, which further makes it quite useful. The battery life in the infinite note 8 is also quite long as it lasts for more than ten hours.


You can download the Android operating system from Samsung’s website as well as from Google’s application store. This allows you to experience all the fun and excitement that are present in the world of smartphones. The handset will work on any of the three major UK networks including T-Mobile, Three and Orange and it is also compatible with the USB type A port of any computer. If you want to buy an Infinix Note 8 now, the best place to look is on Samsung’s website as you will be able to find a discount of around $70.

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