Infinix Zero Five Pro

Innovative New Smartphones From Infinix Zero Five Pro

INFINIX Xplod car audio system has just been launched with its first product – the Infinix Zero 5. In this product, manufacturers are giving out two choices of earphones namely, Bluetooth version and USB version. The former can be used while driving or during other aerobic exercises and will not affect the sound quality in any way. However, the latter can be used to enjoy your favorite songs or any other musical selections through your mobile phone. It is completely Bluetooth enabled and so you can connect it up to any ordinary stereo either through your mobile phone or another source like your laptop or iPod Touch.

The impressive tech specs of the infinix zero five pro has got a lot of attention from the reviews made available. These have rated it as one of the best mobile phone and digital music player that can be used along with your car stereo or your home theater system. There is no doubt about the quality of sound and also about the high price that you will have to pay for this.

The impressive technology packed inside the infinix zero 5 pro smartphone has got people talking about it already. Just like other high-end smartphones, this one comes with an incredible internal storage that allows you to download apps and store huge music collections. The large storage space is enough to store all your songs, videos and other files that you want to transfer to your music devices like iPods. The large memory size also enables you to run multiple apps at the same time without any hassle.

Infinix Zero Five Pro
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This high-tech smartphone has got great features and looks that can mesmerize anyone who uses it. The beauty of the device is evident when you take a good look at its dual cameras which give you a real view of what you are trying to capture. The main camera has got a resolution of eight megapixels along with a high pixel rating of 3.2 megapixels. This gives you excellent pictures even in low light situations.


There is another really amazing feature that can amaze you with its wonderful functionality. The innovative Dual Shot camera is capable of taking both video and photos at the same time. You can click on either of the cameras to record whatever you are seeing. You can then use the feature of “live view” in order to see what you had just captured. The Infinix Zero 5 Pro does not only allow you to see what you had just taken but also enables you to share it with your friends through different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


This amazing smartphone offers many features and functions that are truly impressive. It offers two cameras which can be used for both video and photo purposes. Apart, from that it has many other exciting features such as gesture recognition, connectivity features, data backup, high-end music player and much more. In addition to all these amazing features, it comes with the innovative Quick Office, which enables you to edit, write and share your documents with ease.


This smart phone also offers one year of free subscription to any one of thousands of approved service providers, which is a great advantage as well. Apart from this, it also provides you with excellent battery life that lasts till you need it. You can easily upload videos and images with its built-in image viewer, which can be accessed through a direct link or can also be viewed through your browser. All these features together give you a whole new way of enjoying yourself while working.


There are many high end smartphones in the market, which makes choosing one difficult for users. However, the Infinix Zero Five Pro definitely stands above the rest because it is very different from its competitors. You can definitely consider this smartphone as your perfect mobile companion and will not feel like using any other phone for many years to come. It is definitely a must have if you want to stay ahead with the latest trends in technology.

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