HTC U12 Price in Pakistan – Everything Explained

n this article you will learn about HTC U12 price in Pakistan. This mobile phone has received rave reviews from many users due to its feature-rich features and exciting outlook. It is one of the hottest mobile phones being launched this year and it has become a huge success in a short period of time. The company has launched several high-end smartphones like HTC Desire HD, HTC Sensation XE and HTC Hero. With the launch of this high-end phone people are wondering what the price would be and where can they get it easily. Find out more details from the below paragraphs.


The HTC U12 can be bought directly from any mobile store in Pakistan or you can purchase the handset through online stores as well. If you want to buy it from direct store then first you have to know about the market price of u12. You can easily check out on internet websites about the latest mobile phones available in the market. There are various websites that list out all the mobile stores, which offer these phones at very attractive price rates. You can always visit the websites of these stores and collect information regarding the prices of HTC U12 and collect information from there.


After collecting the data, you should compare the prices and make your final decision. Comparing mobile prices in Pakistan with international prices will help you save money on mobile devices. There is no doubt that Pakistan is leading region for manufacturing smartphones. HTC has launched two smartphones – HTC U12 and HTC U11 – in the domestic market. According to industry experts, people are constantly in search of the best mobile deals and this is the reason why HTC u12 has become the best selling smartphone of the world.


Apart from that, HTC has also launched some exclusive features in the smartphone U11, like its Face unlock technology, HTC Tone, HTC Shift, HTC Sense, HTC Flash, HTC Home, and HTC Desire Eye. With the advent of new version of HTC U hardware, the cost of the latest handset has come down. This is why, you can find many users talking about the HTC U12 price in Pakistan and abroad.


The HTC U12 price in Pakistan is considerably low when compared to international market prices. The best reason for this is that the localised manufacturing process and engineering of the smartphone reduce the manufacturing costs. The best part of this is that the latest handset now has the complete power, features and advanced applications of all the major smartphone brands available in the market. In other words, you can get your desired handset at a very reasonable price if you buy it directly from Pakistan telecommunication market. One of the main reasons for the low price of the U11 in Pakistan is that there was no carrier branding or any other such add on offered to the product.


Moreover, the government of Pakistan did not charge any taxes or other such obnoxious fees on the product. All these factors have made the U11 available at a very low price and that too without any carrier branding or any such third party application. So, you can find that the U11 is not even available at all mobiles stores or online shops. On the other hand, you can easily buy the latest HTC U12S from any of the genuine local, mobile shops and retailers in Pakistan.

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It is interesting to note that the HTC U12S has been developed by the award winning HTC company itself. Therefore, we can find that this handset is not an imitation of any other smartphone launched by the company or third party companies. You can simply download the high-speed Windows Mobile 7.5 simulator easily on your PC and use it to understand the functioning of the HTC U12S which is one of the latest handsets of HTC.


If you want to buy the latest variant of HTC U12S without shelling out a single penny, then we suggest that you should browse through the price list of various online shops and retailers of the country. Once you are through with your research, you can directly contact the retailers and make your purchase of the HTC U12S. This smartphone has been developed by HTC with much precision and it certainly deserves the price tag which is being offered by the company. With a high memory, sixGB memory and ample storage space to spare, you can safely say that this device is a must have gadget for all the android lovers.

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