HTC Wildfire XL Mobile

All You Want To Know About HTC Wildfire XL

The HTC Wildfire has long been in the market. It has been the favorite phone of many mobile lovers all over the world. This phone was introduced in the market by HTC. Ever since then it has grown with an impressive increase in the demands. To cater to the increasing demands the manufacturer has launched the latest firmware that has made it even more popular in the market.


The best buy till now is HTC Wildfire E2 Pakistan. It comes with a sleek and stylish metal body. The 3G connection enables smooth functioning. With the help of this feature, you can get connected to the internet with ease. The Wildfire also gives a stylish look to your mobile and looks much more attractive compared to the others. The battery life of the Wildfire is very long lasting and you can use it for a long time.


HTC Wildfire E2 was initially introduced in China, Asia. Then it was released in the market with a lot of fanfare and great reviews. In the month of August this year, it was released with its new improved version called Wildfire XL. It has been enhanced with a stunning metal frame and includes a 5 mega pixels camera, a built in sound system, a high definition camera, a nice large notification panel and a fantastic vibrant screen which are covered with Gorilla glass.

HTC Wildfire XL Mobile
HTC Wildfire XL Smartphone

The latest release of the Wildfire is android interface version. It has a beautiful display which is very sharp and gives a satisfying user experience. There are no major performance issues that has been reported and this phone is said to be capable of running all the android applications that is present on the play store. With this handset, there are enhanced security features like the android device encryption.


HTC Wildfire XL has some great features that are enhanced with this latest handset. One such enhancement is the RMS, which is exclusive to this handset. This gives you a real time status of your email, text messages and other data, which help you a lot in keeping a tab on your tasks. The HTC Wildfire XL also includes an alarm clock function, allowing you to wake up to your favorite music. Apart from this, the HTC Wildfire E2 price is still not too low.


This handset has a beautiful camera with a 12 mega pixel resolution and a fantastic photo album. The picture quality is very good and it has the ability to upload videos on YouTube as well. The data provided by the HTC Wildfire is pretty impressive in terms of speed, clarity and detail and hence the reception of the phone in Pakistan has been pretty good. There is no doubt that once this phone gets into the hands of people, it will definitely be a popular handset among all the other smart phones.


The HTC Wildfire XL also comes with a very interesting multi-touched dialer which makes it very efficient in managing the contacts and the tasks, which can be done on this phone. The keyboard of this phone is pretty large for a smart phone and hence it is expected to give comfort to users. Apart from this, there is no doubt that this mobile phone has got a powerful quad-core processor, which allows users to download videos and photos easily on this mobile phone and stay connected with their loved ones even when they are on the move. Apart from this, the RK3 screen which is a high-end touch screen and a large capacitive smart phone screen give this handset a modern look and feel.


These are some of the features of HTC Wildfire XL which have made it to top of the list of all the mobile phones in the country. This handset is one of the latest and most advanced handsets, which are available in the market. If you are looking for a mobile phone which can cater to all your needs and can also take care of all your business dealings then the HTC Wildfire XL is a good choice.

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