Nokia C1 Plus Smartphone

All You Need To Know About Nokia C1 Plus

Nokia C1 Plus is one of the top phones from Nokia and it is available in various colors. It also has many advanced features that help you enjoy better communication with your family and friends. You can easily get hold of Nokia C1 Plus in different parts of Pakistan via online stores at affordable rates. Nokia C1 Plus comes with all the standard features like built in speaker, volume buttons, the notification center, MMS, EDGE, Bluetooth, and so forth. The prices are quite low when compared to other smart phones. You can also find the C1 Plus in various languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi,Hindi,i and English.


Nokia C1 Plus is a powerful mobile phone that is meant for the professionals who work long hours on the move. This device has a large memory to store all important data. Apart from this, it also comes with a stylish looks and a huge memory to boot. The latest version of the Nokia C series features a sleek body along with a beautiful screen and stunningly beautiful graphics. When you purchase a Nokia C1 Plus, you can avail several benefits such as free gifts, free talk time, free messages, free data up to a certain amount, free ring tones, and so forth.


Nokia C series phones have a powerful processor, a high resolution camera with image enhancement and video recording facilities, great music player, excellent memory, great battery life, and plenty of connectivity options. Many people prefer to buy these devices over other mobile prices in Pakistan. The main reason behind this is that they come with a lot of value added features and are designed extremely well. You can get the best mobile prices by buying a Nokia C series device. Let us check out some of the main reasons why people prefer to buy them.


Nokia C series smartphone – The Nokia C series offers a great value for money. It comes with an impressive amount of memory to keep the user fully entertained. There is no point in buying a high-end smartphone only to find that it does not have enough memory. The same applies for those who go for the low-end models. However, the good thing with the Nokia C series is that you can get the same amount of memory and high-end specifications in the cheaper versions.

Nokia C1 Plus Smartphone
Nokia C1 Plus

Browser – One of the major advantages offered by the smartphones from this brand is its browser. A large number of internet users in Pakistan use internet via smartphones. The web browsers used by these users differ in many ways. Some prefer to use Android browsers while some go for the iOS devices. Considering this, the Nokia C series offers a very strong browser, which supports most of the popular browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.


Operating System – The operating system that comes with the phone is a huge factor that affects the overall cost. Various smartphone brands are coming out with their own OS. Some come with locked-down mobile networks in the areas where the country’s connection is not available. For users in Pakistan, it becomes essential for them to be aware of the operating system that comes with the phone to stay connected to the real world.


Hardware Sensors And Accelerometers – A major contributing factor to the high cost of the Nokia C series is the number of hardware and sensors available in it. This may not be something new to you but it is always good to know the details. Hardware sensors are available in two different types, namely, resistive and capacitive. Capacitive hardware sensors are considered better than resistive ones because they have higher sensitivity. As compared to the Nokia C series, the Nokia C1 Plus has a greater number of assistive hardware sensors and fewer capacitive ones which result in a cheaper price of the handset.


FM Radio – One of the biggest selling points of the Nokia C series is the FM radio technology that comes along with the handset. A major selling feature of the Nokia C1 Plus comes with the FM radio. You can use the FM radio to tune in to stations, find out information about local restaurants, or even ask for weather forecast, just to name a few.

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