Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro smartphone

A Note on the Front and Back Camera of the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

The Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro and Xiaomi Mi 10T have been officially announced on 30 September this year. The two handsets are the first of their kind to be launched by Xiaomi. It is a smaller version of the company’s smart phone in the mid of the price range. Like all other models, it also features a dual camera setup, a facial recognition scanner, and other innovative features.


The front and back cameras are of good quality, though the portrait mode is not available in the standard model, as yet. The facial recognition scanner on the back side of the handset has been equipped with a slightly higher accuracy than the one found in the iPhone 7 Plus. It takes just a few seconds to recognize you and offers you your choice of portrait mode, namely: normal, face, Funny, Landscape and Twilight. In addition to the portrait mode, the Mi10T can also be set to recognising you as you are sitting down, standing up, or laying down. This means that you can change the mode according to your mood, without having to take your hand off the device.


The Mi10T’s main camera module is equipped with an image stabilization system for better picture quality. The facial recognition scanner is also capable of detecting you when you extend your hands above the phone, giving you the option of taking a photo even if you are holding the smart phone’s camera at an odd angle. One of the biggest drawbacks of this smartphone is its small size. At first, it may seem like you’re not getting much from your phone. But after using the handset for a few days, you’ll definitely notice the difference.


Despite its small size, the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro is packed with powerful multimedia features. The front and rear cameras have relatively decent quality for a smartphone, although the inbuilt image processing and color processing capabilities are far from the best. There is also no optical zoom on this unit unlike some other smartphone devices. For those who want high quality images, however, the pixel size of the photo might make a huge difference. The 16MP camera offers excellent zoom, but a pixel size is what limits the available options.


The Mi10T Pro offers two memory slots – one for the base unit and another for the microSD card. You can easily expand the available memory with the help of micro-SD cards, which can support card size of up to 2GB. Although the card slots are located at the bottom of the smartphone, it can be difficult to access, and even harder to upgrade when the need arises. The camera’s primary camera is also placed at the bottom – a problem that many users will find frustrating.


One of the best selling features of this smartphone is its standard five-megapixel camera. Although the pixel resolution is quite poor, it still manages to capture images with good color and contrast. The lack of optical zoom should not be a cause of concern though, as most people do not need to use the optical zoom on their devices. Despite poor image quality, the MI10T Pro offers a bright and beautiful smile.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro smartphone
Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro (Photo)

Despite the poor camera performance, the front and rear panels of the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro remain tough and durable. The Mi 10T Pro runs on the standard platform of Android 4.4. Unlike most smartphones, however, the Mi 10T Pro includes an interesting dual-tone LED flashlight. It looks like an addon to the standard power key. A well-designed and visually attractive flashlight helps to provide extra safety, especially when you are outdoors.


Although the Mi 10t Pro comes with a standard camera, there are some notable differences between this device and its competitors. For example, the Mi 10t Pro comes with an impressive 2300 mAh battery, compared to the average handset’s Lipton charger. This makes the phone’s ability to charge via different methods more noteworthy. On another hand, the device uses a more powerful camera compared to the iPhone 5s and HTC Desire. In this respect, the pixel count of the device does make a difference – the pixel in the top left corner of the screen is approximately twice as big as the one at the bottom – but the difference is barely noticeable. The difference in battery life, meanwhile, might become more noticeable as the day passes by.

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