vivo Y31s Mobile 2021

A Look At The Camera On The vivo Y31s

The Vivo Y31S is one of two smartphones from the new breed of flagships that is powered by the newly acquired Android operating system 4.0 (Kit Kat) on mobile devices. It comes preinstalled with many pre-installed Android applications, including Google Maps, Google Play, Gmail, Google+ and many others. The phone comes with two earphones – an earphone and a loud speaker and has a very sleek and slim design that looks like a lot of phones from past years. It also features a huge 4.5 inch display, which is just fine for most people. To make up for its little screen size, it comes equipped with a great amount of memory space – 1GB is standard for this device.

The Vivo Y31S comes with a dual and notch camera setup on the rear. As such, the phone as such seems to be somewhat a budget-friendly offering with a little bit thin bezels at the top and bottom. The Vivo Y31S also comes standard with 5G connectivity due to the presence of the Snapdragon480 SoC. This device comes with an Adreno processor and Media Player. This smartphone has a neat, bright HD Super AMOLED display and offers a nice color display that doesn’t glare at you like many others do.

The Vivo Y31S runs on the clamshell type of interface, which is rather nice when you think about it. With the chipset tucked away inside, it’s much easier to grip and handle. However, this isn’t the only reason why the device has a great look. In fact, the chipset’s beefy power brick to help make the phone look pretty appealing. A dual-core Samsung Exynon processor will power the Y 31s, along with a juicy quad-core Adreno called Adreno blower.

If we have our standard reference point, the vivo y31s probably falls somewhere between the mid-budget and high-end smartphones we have been used to. It has a nice solid, metal body, though it doesn’t look like it could support anything too heavy. In terms of internal storage, it comes equipped with two (2) gigabytes of internal memory which is standard for these devices. That being said, there are variants which come with additional storage.


Let’s start with the exterior and color. On the sides of this handset, you can find two physical slots that house the USB Type-C port and the headphone jack. These, however, aren’t your only options for these parts. You can also get a micro SD card which can support up to 2 gigabytes of data and come in either a black or white version. The vivo y31s price is not particularly cheap considering all of these options, but considering how long the phone is supposed to last, the relatively small price shouldn’t be an issue.

vivo Y31s Mobile 2021
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When it comes to the actual camera itself, the vivo y31s has one of two cameras on the back (a primary sensor and a secondary one). While the primary sensor can focus automatically on your face when it detects movement, the secondary lens doesn’t do this as it isn’t as powerful as the primary one. Despite this, the secondary sensor can still take great pictures. So, international pricing will vary depending on which lens you choose.


For those looking at international pricing, here’s what you need to know. Samsung’s entry level product will come with the standard Sanyo film cover. This is something you won’t want to buy if you’re looking for international pricing. Even if you buy the film cover, you’ll find that the built in lens is far from scratch. It has an optical zoom lens with manual focus. If you’re looking for international pricing, this is it.


What’s most interesting about the video y 31s listing is that aside from being manufactured by Samsung, it is also made by HTC. That’s right, you’ll be able to take advantage of cutting edge technology within an affordable mobile. International buyers can get the chance to test out this cutting edge smartphone before everyone else. Whether it be for fun or work, the vivo y31s is definitely something that’s worth checking out.

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