Lenovo K11 Power

A Brief Introduction to the Lenovo K11 Power Price

Lenovo K Desktop series is a high-powered and high-performance brand of devices. The company’s latest addition to the family is the Lenovo K11 Power Price. It is an aluminium mobile phone, which has been given a powerful processor, plenty of RAM, four mega-pixels camera, a large QWERTY keyboard, a large battery, and all the other features one would expect from a top-end smartphone. What does it lack though?

While it comes with most of the features one would expect from a smartphone, there are some things that make the Lenovo K11 Power Price unique. Like many phones from the same manufacturer, the price has been reduced due to subsidised components, making it a better buy for those on a budget. The lack of a free SIM card is perhaps the biggest let down of this handset. The lack of international connectivity also puts it behind other phones in the same category, such as the iPhone 4 and HTC Desire HD.

The biggest selling point of this handset is its price. At about $150, it is one of the cheapest phones available in Pakistan. The two major players in the mobile phone market, Samsung and Nokia, have plenty of phones in the market priced at these levels. However, the low price of this handset has made it a hot favourite with many consumers. The other positive points of the phone include a beautiful and high resolution screen, four mega pixels camera, plenty of memory space, and the latest version of android, Gingerbread.


Despite its low pricing, the Lenovo K11 Power Price has several attractive features. For starters, it has a stunning and sharp touchscreen, allowing the user to do a variety of functions with ease. Moreover, it comes with a stylish and well-designed back casing, providing a nice aesthetic element to the phone. It also has a nice and large display, allowing the user to view the caller’s details clearly, even from a distance. Apart from this, the phone also comes with a unique feature – a free text message service, which can be extremely useful when one is stuck in traffic.

Lenovo K11 Power
Lenovo K11 Power

The Lenovo K11 Power Price has a sleek and sophisticated design, thanks to its combination of colors and light metal silver finish. One can also appreciate the sharp display, and the built-in speaker and volume controls. It has a full specification, including a 3.2-megapixel camera, a built-in GPS receiver, an MMS message sender, and full specifications of the software installed on the phone. As expected, the phone runs on the Gingerbread operating system. In terms of connectivity, it supports GSM and CDMA networks in Pakistan.


The phone has been loaded with plenty of features, including a dual-core processor from Samsung, a high-speed hexa-core mobile memory with up to 64GB memory support, a micro-SD slot, a 3000 mAh Li-Po battery, and full specifications of the software installed on the phone. As expected, the phone comes with a few pre-installed apps, as well as an application drawer. Apart from this, the phone also has a few pre-installed widgets, including the Google Maps, Yahoo Messenger, MySpace Navigation, and a few others. These apps help users in enjoying a better experience, by accessing the netbook directly from their laptops. On the contrary, many netbooks cannot access these applications due to lack of compatibility with certain devices.


Users can buy the Pakistan K11 Power Price online through the internet. One can select from the five price lists offered online. The prices listed on the websites vary from one another, depending on the model of the unit, its hardware and software compatibility, as well as various other specifications. It is advisable to compare the prices of the units being offered by various websites before buying any.

Besides the above features, the phone has a two-megapixel camera, a seven-inch capacitive multi-touch keyboard, a built-in memory card, a micro USB port, stereo speakers, a mono sound speakerphone, and a non-removable li-po 5000 mah battery. All the major mobile service providers in Pakistan along with several local retailers have started selling this product. The prices are significantly low as compared to other mid-range and high-end smartphones. The phone is also available with various service provider in different colors such as white, black, grey, silver, orange, pink and blue.

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